193 blood donors participate in blood donation camp in Indapur

In Indapur, 193 blood bags were collected at a blood donation camp organized by Prasadik Ganeshotsav Mitra Mandal and Rotary Club of Indapur on the occasion of the birthday of Uday Prakash Shah, the current president of Rotary Club of Indapur and a well known Aadat trader in Indapur.

The blood donation camp was inaugurated by Dr. Avinash Panabude, a renowned cardiologist from Indapur. Women participated in the blood donation camp. 23 women donated blood.

The introductory secretary of the program was Bhimashankar Jadhav. In his introduction, he said that it has become a matter of routine to conduct blood donation camps so that the needy patients do not face blood shortage. Informed the blood donors about the importance of blood donation and its need. Deaths are often reported due to untimely blood transfusions. So the youth appealed to donate more and more blood.

The collected blood was handed over to Avinash Nanavare, Director, Muktai Blood Bank. Thanked by Dr. Yatin Shinde.

All the Rotary members including Dr. Balasaheb Raut, Sanjay Doshi, Vasant Malunjkar, Narendra Gandhi, Padmasingh Jadhav, Prashant Shitap, Prashant Ghule, Nitin Shah, Ajinkya Izgude, Rakesh Ganbote and Narasimha Prasadik Ganeshotsav Mitra Mandal President Bharat Deshmane, Adv. Dhananjay Vinchu and Narasimha Prasadik, all members of Ganeshotsav Mitra Mandal were present.

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