Ganesh idol in the belly of three year old Baby

He was treated at Manipal Hospital on Old Airport Road in Bangalore on Friday. The whole city of Bangalore was curious about this. While playing, he swallowed the five centimeter high idol of Ganesha. However, due to the untiring efforts of the angels, the doctors succeeded in removing the idol and the child also survived.

The idol had injured the child’s esophagus. Manish Rai, a doctor at the hospital, said that when the boy came to the hospital. His condition was serious at the time. However, he was immediately treated and the idol was taken out. The child was then immediately discharged as well. But in the case of young children, parents need to be careful.

While playing Chimukala, the idol suddenly went into his stomach and the boy’s chest started aching and his pain increased. So the frightened parents rushed to the hospital. Doctors took X-rays of his chest and abdomen and found a five-centimeter-long idol of Lord Ganesha in the boy’s body. The doctor immediately decided on an endoscopist and performed a minor surgery to remove the idol.

By Sandesh Patil

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