No need for talathi

The state government has decided to eradicate the talathis that used to take chirimiri only for watering the crops and the talathis which were infiltrating the farmers’ fields under the guise of crop water. Because they will no longer be needed. Farmers will be able to record their own crops from their mobiles. The crop registration book will be launched from August 15 in the state from its own mobile.

In the true sense of the word, the Independence Day celebrations will begin on August 15 in farmers’ farms. A crop inspection program will be implemented across the state to record crop sowing information through mobile app. Pilot experiments were conducted in Baramati taluka in the states earlier.

From August 15, 2021, farmers will be able to inspect their Satbara Utara crop in talukas and villages across the state. Till now the data of crop sowing report from field level was not being collected properly. That is why the help of talattas was being taken to record crop sowing in village sample number 12.

Farmers will now be able to do e-crop inspections themselves for crop registration prepared by the Tata Trust. At present the crop records in village sample No. 12 are taken by the respective talathis. Also, after the village visit, if the records are found to be wrong, the board officials have the right to correct them.

However, as per the new government decision, state level, divisional, district level and taluka level monitoring committees have been set up. The taluka level monitoring committee will be chaired by a sub-divisional officer.
Apart from this, the Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer will be the Co-Chairman. The Tehsildar will be the member, while the Taluka Agriculture Officer will be the Member Secretary.

In this new system, proper procedure will be followed by the Settlement Commissioner and the Director of Land Records to make the information available to the farmers themselves for recording the report of crop sowing.
Guidelines will be issued through this office. For this, a joint memorandum of understanding has been signed between Tata Trust and the Government of Maharashtra. In it, instructions have been given to the National Trust to send the details of the last three years of Agriculture Year Village Sample No. 12 to the Tata Trust immediately.

Advocate Tushar Zende Patil Member Maharashtra State Consumer Protection Council: In a sense, this decision will be the dawn of self-determination in the lives of farmers. In fact, even this does not seem to be properly enforced, as Talathi is more likely to keep their rights intact in the name of wrongdoing. However, the same decision is expected to be taken to record and implement the decision taken by the state government in a more modern manner.

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