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A commotion broke out on the Pune-Solapur National Highway in the limits of Loni Deokar village in the taluka on Wednesday (28) when a leopard was found at 8.30 pm. A leopard was captured in the mobile of a youth riding a two-wheeler. However, the leopard spotted in this place later spread terror in Indapur taluka without anyone seeing it.

Meanwhile, the news that a leopard was found near the Mahadev temple near Awatevasti on the junction-Kalas road at Kalas this morning spread rapidly on social media. However, on the instructions of Forest Range Officer Rahul Kale, Atul Narute, a forest ranger from Kazad, went to the spot and made sure. According to him, leopards have not been found anywhere. On the other hand, the videos that are being circulated are from the past and are from tribal areas in Dhule, Nandurbar and Gadchiroli. However, the same video was earlier rumored to be from Shirsufal, Katphal area last year. Now they are being turned away saying that they are from Indapur taluka. No one was injured in the attack.

Meanwhile, a team from the forest department patrolled the area after the incident where a leopard went missing near Lonidevkar highway and was captured on camera by a mobile phone. They did not find any leopards there. Loni Deokar and the surrounding area has a forest area of ​​one thousand acres. There is a large amount of paddy land. If a leopard marches there, it can be dangerous for the people in the area.
The leopard seen at Lonidevkar is believed to have entered Indapur taluka fr

om the Ujani catchment area. Because it was first seen in Padsthal village in the catchment area. In the last fortnight, Varakute was found in Budruk and Agoti No.1. It was rumored that he had visited Loni Deokar village in the last three days. His existence has been confirmed since his appearance on Wednesday.

Amol Deokar, a businessman from Loni Deokar, was on his way to Bhigwan with his family on Wednesday night when his daughter was captured on camera while filming videos on her mobile phone. He hoped that the forest department would make every effort to catch the leopard.

Rahul Kale, Forest Range Officer, Indapur – As a precautionary measure to prevent conflict between humans and bibs, it is necessary to carry a stick while going out. People should take someone with them when they go out. Mobile songs should be turned on while coming and going. If leopards are found, firecrackers should be set off. Do not sleep in the open in the yard. Children should not be left alone outside the home. Livestock should be confined in a fence.

As soon as information was received that leopards were found, on the instructions of Forest Range Officer Rahul Kale, Vishal Sanjay Ghavate of Bhigwan, Sunny Kamble of Palasdev, forest ranger Ashok Narute and Pooja Kate went to the spot at night. Inspected the area. Patrolled. Villagers and Palasdev police discussed with Patil Kuchekar.

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