Is the road now the work of some police?

Karjat police felicitated the farmers who gave way

Karjat – Karjat police sometimes find fraud in tires .. Sometimes if there is a false complaint against someone, they also check it .. They also look for solutions on private lenders .. Then people in the taluka start believing that the police will solve all their problems. The police can solve all the issues that come up in the words law and order. Real success ..!

The unpaved road from Bahirobawadi to Shelkewadi at Gaikarwadi Fata was closed for over two and a half years due to land dispute. People had to work hard because of this controversial road. Due to this road, there was no road for 200 to 250 citizens and students to get to and from Bahirobawadi.

There were constant disputes between the two groups over the road and complaints started coming to the Karjat police station. Police Inspector Chandrasekhar Yadav came up with the idea that the dispute could lead to more crimes in the future as the road is closed and there are constant disputes. He decided to use social engineering to change his mind.

He paid a visit to the roadblocks and visited the farmers who have lands on both sides of the road. Increased interaction with them. Successfully mediated by holding meetings of all the farmers who needed the road and the landowners who provided land for this road.

The dispute was settled amicably without any dispute. Yadav’s words were respected by farmers and residents on both sides. Yadav’s ingenuity to explain the two was also useful here. Through their mediation, the road that had been closed for years was finally reopened.

For the sake of Yadav’s words, Kailas Dagdu Yadav, Vitthal Sahebrao Yadav, Dilip Mahadev Yadav, Vasant Bhaskar Yadav (all residents of Bahirobawadi) paved the road from his land. Appreciating his greatness, Inspector of Police Chandrasekhar Yadav felicitated him.

Police Inspector Yadav along with Assistant Inspector of Police Suresh Mane of Karjat Police Station, Police Officers Salim Sheikh, Manoj Laturkar, Amit Barde along with villagers of Bahirobawadi village Deepak Yadav, Vasant Yadav, Anil Yadav, Kailas Yadav, Sudhir Yadav, Raju Yadav , Dnyaneshwar Yadav, Satish Shelke, Jhumbar Shelke and others also took special efforts.

The struggle for roads has now stopped and the way has been cleared for farmers and school children, so the villagers of Bahirobawadi paid their respects and gratitude to Police Inspector Chandrasekhar Yadav and his colleagues.

By Sandesh Patil

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