Hundreds of hectares of farmland in Buldhana district were washed away due to torrential rains

Due to torrential rains for the last three days, rivers and streams in most of the talukas of Buldhana district have been overflowing and hundreds of hectares of land have been eroded. Farmers in the district are suffering as the rains hit agriculture and farmers again after it had hit the area a month ago.

Most of the villages in 13 talukas of the district have been severely damaged due to rains. Last month too, some talukas in Buldhana district were hit by heavy rains, which washed away lands in many places. Since the soil is no longer in the soil, what will be done next? Such a question was facing the farmers. Now, once again, many of the remaining farmers have also been hit by torrential rains.

This picture can be seen in all the talukas and Baliraja, who has been facing Asmani and Sultani crises for the last two years, has been hit by the Asmani crisis for the second time in a month.

By Sandesh Patil

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