Chandrasekhar Yadav!

Police inspectors caused a change of heart; The drunkard started a chucky tea hotel!
Adv. Vijay Sonawane

City: Alcohol destroys the world; Don’t touch alcohol .. Many may remember watching this advertisement on television years back years ago. फोटो And many people are still reading the photos of the police taking action against the village kiln every month and the information about the cases registered. हे The idea is to change the world by going beyond the wheel; But then it’s time to salute! Because his idea is to close the base of the village kiln for years and start the tea handcart instead ..!

In ancient times, Valya became Valmiki; But to a hand furnace driver in the present; If you tell a sand mafia or a potter to quit his job, he will not be ready easily. On the contrary, these people are ready to take on many crimes, but they are not ready to get out of the trap of crime.

That is why the police are free to take direct action instead of trying to change them to maintain law and order. That is why when he took over the post of police inspector in an area like Karjat which has been considered as a part of drought for years.

Many felt the satisfaction of the families freed from the yoke of private lending, and not only did they have to work for the law every time, but sometimes for the public good, for the benefit of the society. Chandrasekhar Yadav did it wholeheartedly.

For the past few months, Karjat police inspector Chandrasekhar Yadav has been in the news in the media and among the people. This is not because of their desire for fame, but because of their work in the public interest, in the public interest and in maintaining law and order.

He had earlier taken over a village like Bhigwan in Indapur taluka of Pune district in a similar manner. He had made Bhigwan famous in the state as a village under the watchful eye of CCTV by setting up devices to control the entire village square from a single place through public participation.

In fact, it was not part of the work of some police inspectors, but they set a good example from time to time that we are always vigilant for the satisfaction of the people, for the benefit of the people and the police is always vigilant. He also gave the example of a family recently freed from the yoke of private lenders in Karjat. The alchemy of every day they achieve seems to be making a radical change in someone’s life.

He has been trying to control illegal trades since he took over as a police inspector in Karjat. So while taking action, they are trying to persuade many. He always guides the illegal traders by saying, “Illegal business tarnishes your image in the society, you do not get respect, so by doing a respectable business, you should create the identity that you are a responsible citizen.”

On occasion, he also took major action against many. But his passion for society was never hidden. To give an example, Balasaheb Mane from Karjat was selling illegal liquor. Therefore, he had been subjected to repeated actions earlier. Inspector of Police Chandrasekhar Yadav called Mane to the police station and told him from time to time that he should not do any illegal business.

He started a tea hotel called Shri Sai Kripa near Karmala Road at Bhandewadi. After starting this tea hotel, he gave his idea to Chandrasekhar Yadav and Yadav himself went to his hotel with his colleagues and tasted the tea. Yadav did not stop there, he also wished for this new business. Assistant Inspector of Police Suresh Mane, journalist Ashish Bora and Ganesh Jeware were present on the occasion.

Do good and dignified business, I will help you as needed, convincing them from time to time of a responsible citizen. And Chandrasekhar Yadav’s zeal turned Balasaheb Mane, a liquor dealer, into a convert.

By Sandesh Patil

My name is Sandesh, I am a Journalism student and I am the founder of SangeetMarathi. On this blog, I bring different regional news for you everyday in English.

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