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Anita Pandurang Sapkal saw heavy rains falling day and night on the village of Jor in the western part of Wai on the day of Ain Bendur festival (22nd). Anita, however, was swept away in the mud.
While she was carrying the vehicle, her son Sachin Pandurang Sapkal (age 17) saw her and without thinking for a moment, jumped into the mud to save her mother. It was buried under a mound of earth in the Milekarankshanardha.

Husband Pandurang Sapkal started searching for his wife and child with the help of villagers, but unfortunately he has not succeeded till date. District administration, Wai prefect Sangeeta Chowgule Rajapurkar and tehsildar Ranjit Bhosale had called an NDRF team from Pune to search for the missing persons.

Wai Prantadhikari Sangeeta Chowgule Rajapur, however, did not give up and today (July 29) has called for a team of 24 more jawans to search for the bodies. The angelic woman who saved the lives of thirty people in the village should be found, this is the wish of the citizens of the entire taluka including that village. People in the villages are also praying for the death of the deceased. In such a situation, the governor’s hopes have been dashed.

However, the torrential rains made it difficult for the team to reach the village as the bridge leading to Jor village was washed away. The next day, the team accompanied by Prantadhikari Sangeeta Chowgule Rajapur reached the spot in heavy rain in Jor village. A search operation was launched but both the militants were not apprehended.

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