Vidya Pratishthan's IT Center

While Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was on his way to Vidya Pratishthan’s IT Center after inaugurating the Maha Arogya Shibir on his visit to Baramati, the tea tapri driver requested Dada, “Dada, I have started a mobile tea stall. Will you inaugurate my tea stall?” In fact, it was a bold move in his eyes .. but without a moment’s delay, Ajit Dad opened his stall but also asked for tea from him!

After this, Ajit Pawar without any delay went to the tea tapri and inaugurated the tea tapri. Does Ajit Dad have the quality of your tea? Asking that, he himself tasted it after asking for tea. Ajit Pawar himself inaugurated his tea tapri and tasted the tea, much to the delight of the tea party driver.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was on a visit to Baramati today. During this visit, Ajit Pawar inspected various development works. After that, while the program of Maha Arogya Shibir organized here was going on, an activist urged Ajit Dada.

By Sandesh Patil

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