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In the rainy session of Parliament today, there was a heated discussion in Parliament that 300 leaders of India were spied on by the central government through Pegasus software and not just 300, the central government had tapped the phones of many Indians. Are Indian Citizens’ Phones Really Hacked by Israeli Spyware Software? Why did the central government want to spy? These and many more questions surround Parliament and many policy makers in India today.

Ordinary people may wonder what it is. But is it Indian culture to go to any level for power? This question, however, has been underlined. As this question is about the permission and permission of 100 Warakaris for the palanquin ceremony and the discussion and allegations that the Chief Minister himself came out with a convoy of 100 people, this allegation is many times more serious.

Pegasus is an Israeli-made software that allows trained hackers to hack into the phones of leaders and leaders of enemy nations for their country and obtain important information. Once the Pegasus software is installed on your phone, hackers have the remote control of your phone. They can see everything you do now, what you eat, who you talk to, what you talk about, your bank account information, your friends’ information, everything from your phone’s gallery to documents as well as hidden files. Can read. Not only that. No matter how patterned your phone is, hackers can turn your phone’s camera on and off at any time. You do anything‚Ķ even lock the phone, nothing works in front of your Pegasus. Can’t stop his work.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, saying “the Pegasus software has been bought by the central government and hacked by Indians.” Be that as it may, it is the job of the opposition to oppose, but the government must convince everyone, what is this Pegasus case? Because when an important leader in the government, Dr. When Subramanian Swamy appeals to the government to disclose this information, it does not take long to realize that something has happened.

Given the government’s performance over the past few years, there are no signs that the government will beg the opposition. Of course, the government has been free to say that the allegations against Pegasus are baseless. Of course, if the phones of political opponents are hacked, it will once again have the color of politics, but the question arises as to what exactly the government is doing by hacking the phones of journalists and it is serious
It is unfortunate that despite such a major incident involving individual and freedom of speech in the country today, no media in the country is touching it. The government has said that the phones were not hacked and that 80 journalists from 16 newspapers and websites in 10 countries were defaming India. Of course, many countries around the world are currently investigating this. The French government has launched an inquiry into whether journalists are being spied on in their country.

According to The Wire, a list of 300 mobile subscribers in the country was compiled. Which also includes the name of Rahul Gandhi. But as long as the number was on the list, Gandhi had changed his mobile number. However, Wire has clarified that Congress leaders Alankar Sawai and Sachin Rao are also involved in this.
Speaking on his NDTV Prime, senior journalist Ravish Kumar mentioned that the news of this biggest incident in the country was published in such a way that it should be published, but it should not be seen ..! The news of this spying on journalism is horrible. This is terrible in a crisis-ridden and economically weak country.
The list also includes former Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa. Mamata Banerjee’s private secretary, strategist Prashant Kishor and BJP leader Pralhad Singh Patel are also said to be named.

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